As a Realtor, I come across all types of personalities!  In this business, we not only see hundreds of homes monthly, we also meet people in their every day lives.  We also help them solve problems.

One of the Real Estate related problems we are often asked is, "How much is my home worth?"  This is a good question.  Of course, there are formulas we use, as professionals, to get a data based ball-park, but as I said, its merely a changing "ball-park," or general range.  

To get a closer Professional Opinion of Value, we really need to get in your home, because there is so much that goes into pricing, I can't possibly decipher it all here.  Of course, aside from location, condition, is a major factor.

Here's a little about my own story...Before I ever got into Real Estate professionally, I have always had an eye.  Eye can...I mean, "I" can, always see other possibilities.  I can always visualize small, medium and big improvements that will bring a property to its "Highest and Best Use."  This is a term we use in the industry to help us determine where a property falls within its realistic range.

Therefore, one of my goals, along with my supportive husband, who teases me, when I get excited about things like "coordination in design," is home improvements.  With every home we have owned, we actually seek out the house that most people would turn their nose up at, or not give a second glance.  For me, these homes have the most value!

Why?  Because, they are often sold at a little bit of a discounted rate (because they are dated, worn, or somewhat smelly), and because they give me projects!  I derive so much joy from projects!  

In future posts, I will let you in on a few of my favorite projects around the home.  We'll look at Whitewashing, Doorknobs, Bathroom Makeovers, Tiling, Flooring and of course, Paint!

That's all the time I have for now, but please tune in again and share your own favorite DIY adventures below.  Thanks for reading and contributing to what I believe will be some exciting and helpful commentary for anyone who loves to get their hands just a little bit dirty, who loves people, and who loves home :-)!